Better feedback happier customers

Get all necessary extra info about customers feedback for easier work and fixes. Give the user opportunity to send screenshot with the feedback for easier and better communication.

The FeedBackPack widget

Easy to use and lightweight

Give feedback / Report issue

Add screenshot to the feedback
Give it a try ๐Ÿ˜Š

All feedbackin one placewith that extra info

Get feedback for all your sites and applications in one place. With more and better extra info about the user such as

  • Screenshot
  • Screen resolution
  • Device info
  • Browser info
  • Browser size
  • Extact url
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Image of Dashboard inside of FeedBackPack

Platform agnostic

HTML, React, Jamstack? No problem

The soultions is build to suit whatever platform or language you uses. The customer don't have to leave your site to send feedback or contact your through FeedBackPack

Static sites contact form

Want to build static site (Jamstack) and implement contact form and don't customer to leave. Perfect match!


Give your users opportunity to send screenshot with the feedback for better feedback. Pictures says more than words, right?

Easy to implement

Easy and fast to implement and to get started to use and start getting feedback

Email notification

Get notified when new feedback gets in with all info directly in the mail and also collected in the Dashboard.


You can add every team member to specific site the get the correct people to be notified when you recieve new feedback.

Customizable trigger

You decide what to trigger the widget. Button, text or image? It's up to you to decide to match your profile


Simple pricing for everyone

We don't believe in complicate things and want to make services avaliable for everyone



Suitable for all sorts of apps/websites of all sizes

  • Unlimited feedbacks

  • Unlimited team members

No credit card. No time limit


Whant to try out FeedBackPack? We offers a free tier where you can collect up to 15 submissions.